Consulting Director at Digital Equipment Corporation

“Luciano is a dedicated, focused, organized and effective Program Manager. He has shown great ability to extract a client’s specific needs from a web of mixed, and sometimes contradictory inputs. I highly recommend Luciano in any PM capacity or role.”

Ross Kelly, Vice President, Tandem Services, Compaq

managed Luciano indirectly at Digital Equipment Corporation


Director, Customer Programs, Hewlett Packard

“Dave worked on some of the most difficult consulting projects around the world for us. Dave was my “go to guy” when I needed a project turned around. I highly recommend him.” May 4, 2010

Jack Novia, VP of Sales for WW Services, Compaq managed Dave indirectly at HP


Consultant: Executive Program Director at Sam’s Club

“Dave was an essential asset for our highly visible and complex project. His leadership permeated throughout a 300 person team, consisting of individuals both on-site and at offshore remote locations. His ability to establish a culture of high expectations and subsequent accountability was invaluable. Dave was able to drive the utmost productivity out of the team, while garnering respect from everyone he came into contact with. He was able to provide detailed technical direction to project contributors, while also communicating in a clear and concise fashion to multiple business stakeholders, up through the VP and CIO ranks on a consistent basis. Above the results, productivity, and leadership, Dave was a pleasure to work with!—November 3, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Adam Roozen

Hired Dave as IT Consultant in 2008


Consulting Director, Digital Equipment Corporation

“Luciano is a highly seasoned ERP implementation manager with outstanding relationship and communication skills. His attention to the needs of his customer as well as his delivery orientation are a powerful combination! An absolute pleasure to work with!” December 11, 2010

David Landry, Manager, Worldwide Human Resource Information, Digital Equipment Corporation managed Luciano at Digital Equipment Corporation


Program Director at Compaq

“Luciano is the best Program Manager I have ever worked with, demonstrating an exceptional breadth of management capability and outstanding technical ability. I worked with Luciano on a multi-national system implementation covering 47 countries. This program was to replace legacy HR applications and develop a Global integrated HR system for Digital Equipment Corp which was one of the largest and most complex of its kind at the time. He designed, implemented and managed a 24 hour “Follow the Sun” integrated program structure which was highly successful. He communicated precisely and effectively at all levels, from senior executives to technical and individual contributors, successfully managed the world wide Team in all major countries, often doing difficult and sensitive negotiations with foreign country teams in many countries to ensure their cooperation and, while managing all facets of details in a highly complex, time constrained program, he still displayed exceptional vision at a strategic level. He brought the Program back on schedule, managed remote teams across the world and reduced the Program cost by 20%. The Program was awarded a company “Program Excellence Awardâ”. Luciano demonstrated the highest capability as a Program manager, excellent people management skills and the wonderful ability to be flexible and to respond quickly and successfully to external change pressures.” John Rainey Managing Director, Success through Change Ltd: October 11, 2010

John Rainey, Manager HRIS, Digital Equipment worked directly with Luciano at Compaq


Director, Customer Programs, Hewlett Packard

“I have had the privilege of working with many talented program managers throughout my career, and Dave tops that list. Dave is adept at distilling very complex situations and problems into coherent actions and plans aimed at optimizing the outcome for both the business and the client. This holds true whether Dave is leading a brand new major project or program, or whether he is taking the helm of a “problem” project. He is comfortable navigating the technical, process, political and financial matters associated with major efforts, on both the business and client side. He’s very skilled at building a collaborative environment, and can be very decisive and directive when the situation dictates. If you’re looking for a steady hand to guide a complex, multi-faceted program for your organization, I cannot think of anyone more capable than Dave.” November 4, 2009

Ray Arndt, VP and GM, Consulting & Integration, Hewlett-Packard managed Dave indirectly at HP


Global Program Director, HP Enterprise Services

“We inherited a seemingly labor intense process. Luciano was able to promote best practices, re-engineer processes, and introduce automation. Subsequently our production increased while our head count decreased. Nice job!” November 16, 2010

Todd Broccolo, Global Transition Manager Access Control (ID Provisioning), Credit Suisse account, Hewlett-Packard worked directly with Luciano at HP Enterprise Services


Director, Customer Programs, Hewlett Packard

“I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Dave. Dave is a very senior business and program manager that I would not hesitate to place on the most complex assignments. He has vast understanding of program methodologies and tools, and deep experience with most common business and program challenges. Dave’s interaction skills are proven, with clients, team members, and senior management.” November 14, 2009

Kevin French, Managing Principal, Hewlett Packard Consulting & Integration managed Dave indirectly at HP