AbyssPM Services

How does AbyssPM engage with you?

Abyss Program Management LLC is a global program management consulting practice. We are problem solvers specializing in three key services: M&A Services, Project Services, and PMO Services. Not only are the AbyssPM directors available for consulting assignments, but AbyssPM has an extensive network of senior consultants. We apply our project management methodologies across all of our service offerings.

AbyssPM Services

Depending on the client’s requirements, we engage utilizing three different delivery models:

  1. Early ResultsAbyss Program Management not only brings early results but transfers knowledge and brings their clients to self sufficiency.
    • We manage your M&A integration or project
    • Only highly experienced staff
    • Results oriented, we roll our sleeves up and don’t just consult
    • We get in, meet expectations, achieve results, and get out
    • Accelerate execution while reducing risk and managing complexity
    • Transparent, unbiased perspectives on complex and sensitive issues
  2. Knowledge
    • We manage your M&A integration or project while developing your capability
    • Let Abyss Program Management be your guide, we’ve been there and back
    • Breadth of capability: Successful programs, startups and turnarounds in 23 countries on 5 continent
    • Pragmatic techniques and recommendations based on experience
    • Never slaves to processes and procedures
  3. Self Sufficiency
    • We guide youJet Planes in developing your own center of excellence
    • Conquer the magnitude and complexity of projects overwhelming your organization
    • Holistic teaming, collaborative approach
    • Develop your own sustainable capabilities to deal with future challenges
    • Independence from consultants

Let Abyss Program Management be your guide, we’ve been there and back

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