Access Control Help Desk Transformation

Fortune 500 financial services company with extensive help desk requirements for granting and removing system access privileges and needing to establish a program management capability.

The company had outsourced access privileges service desk with the following issues:

  • Cost and complexity was too high and they had been unable to reduce it
  • Turnaround time was very time sensitive and service levels were unacceptable
  • Help desk was collocated with the client and service levels were often based on political power instead of need
  • Help desk operation was highly manual and not conducive to automation
  • Disaster recovery was ineffective since it was only two miles away

Results from project recovery:

  • Established a 24X7 off-shore help desk
  • Consolidated the number of software applications
  • Reduced the overall cost of operations by 66%
  • Established a global program management office capability, which integrated all client programs