Application Service Provider Joint Venture Startup

This joint venture was to develop and operate a global service provider business, initially in Europe and the Americas. This included determining what software applications would be provided along with configuring data centers to support those applications.

The situation was as follows:

  • Joint venture needed to initially operate in data centers in the US and the UK
  • The key driving success factor was that the joint venture needed a market presence in less than six months
  • Schedule pressures prevented hiring people directly into the joint venture
  • No definition of the actual application services to be provided
  • No market research to provide pricing models
  • Both partners in the joint venture would use their own sales forces and their own indirect sales channels to market the offering

Results of startup:

  • Initial market offering defined and developed
  • Two data centers designed, developed, installed, configured and ready for operation
  • High speed connections to the internet backbone established for both data centers
  • Capability to accept orders and automatically provision services
  • Capability to order preconfigured desktop, laptop and handheld devices for client
  • All initial technical staffing completed
  • Operation up and running one month ahead of schedule