Asian Stock Exchange Project Recovery

This project was for a replacement system with a new architecture and enhanced custom software for an Asian stock exchange. This was for hardware, custom software and data migration to provide for a full trading floor solution. They were migrating from an 8X5 to a 24X7 stock exchange.

The situation was as follows:

  • Client needed ability for after hours trading
  • Client needed ability for internet trading
  • Client needed ability for foreign market trading
  • Client needed ability for other market creating capabilities
  • No project risk management program
  • Change requests were being issued but not acted upon
  • Inadequate governance for a program of this size and complexity
  • Insufficient development, test and integration environments
  • Lacking configuration management and release management methodologies
  • Major schedule and cost overruns

Results of project recovery:

  • System was delivered meeting client expectations
  • Developed strong relationships with client as trusted advisor
  • Created significant new markets for the client
  • Created a platform making future enhancement fare easier and faster