Automotive Manufacturer Project Recovery

Complete replacement of factory floor automation systems program for the largest auto plant in North America. It was a body assembly plant, a paint plant and a final assembly plant. The size of the plant was being doubled to accommodate a new model. With less than three months to go, the launch was in jeopardy because the systems were not ready for installation. Failure to install would delay the new model six months. An unsuccessful installation would shut the plant down.

It was a “bet the business” scenario with the following faults:

  • Uncoordinated testing
  • No detailed launch plans
  • Not following change control
  • Inadequate configuration management
  • No integrated schedules for the various contractors
  • No one leading the overall program
  • No central communications across all contractors
  • No governance structure

Results from project recovery:

  • Made the initial launch on schedule while doubling the size of the plant
  • Made the launch of the new model on schedule
  • Deployed all additional functionality via multiple lower risk releases
  • Delivered on all program goals