Business Process Transformation

Fortune 100 company trying to improve time to market for products. Cost for engineering enhancements to products were becoming prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

There was no holistic approach to products with the following problems:

  • Organizations were competing for resources
  • Numerous automated and manual processes for engineering changes
  • Change control was inadequate for the international volume
  • Cross-functional organizational dependencies were negatively impacted by organizational boundaries
  • Missing time to market for new and enhanced products in an environment where “First in last out”

Results from project recovery:

  • Developed and implemented an integrated global cross-functional process
  • $250M cost reduction per year
  • Restructure cross-functional and cross-organizational teams, reducing headcount by 2/3
  • Reduce time to market by 50%
  • Able to predict the time for new products by market segment enabling better investment decisions