Global PeopleSoft Program Project Recovery

Fortune 100 company deploying PeopleSoft human resource modules globally to replace and consolidate various country and regional specific human resource legacy systems in 50 countries.

There was no holistic approach to integrate and replace human resource information systems to meet year 2000 target requirements. The program had the following problems:

  • Organizations were competing for resources
  • Numerous automated and manual processes were all home grown
  • Due to rapid downsizing source code was lost in some of the older legacy systems
  • Change control was inadequate for the international size and complexity
  • Cross-functional organizational dependencies were negatively impacted by organizational boundaries
  • Program was significantly over budget and behind schedule, while the company was coming under severe budget constraints
  • Unsound, untested technical solutions were being utilized
  • International data privacy requirements were not addressed
  • Performance requirements were not addressed
  • Interoperability was not considered
  • Conflict between headquarters and regional organizations

Results from project recovery:

  • Successfully completed the deployment on time for year 2000
  • Developed and implemented an integrated global cross-functional process
  • Reduced the original budget by 10%
  • Reduced yearly operating cost by replacing all legacy systems with current technology
  • All team members received performance bonuses based on the results of the turnaround