Global Risk Management Transformation

Fortune 100 company’s consulting business was analyzing risk requirements, evaluating risk tools, selecting a risk solution, developing risk training and deploying risk training worldwide.

The situation was:

  • No software risk tool in use
  • Project risk being handled just with spreadsheets project by project
  • No roll-ups of quantitative risk data
  • Only executive dashboard roll-up of risk data, which was qualitative at project level only
  • Inconsistent treatment of risk project by project
  • No portfolio level view of risk
  • No portfolio level quantification of risk
  • No standard metrics for risk

Results from transformation:

  • Developed worldwide standard requirements for risk management
  • Developed worldwide risk thresholds, qualitative and quantitative
  • Developed global risk management methodology
  • Evaluated more than a dozen software risk management providers
  • Top global software risk providers given request for information
  • Final vendor selected
  • Worked with selected vendor to enhance product to support global risk management methodology
  • Developed training curriculum for global risk methodology
  • Deployed global risk training from entry level standard PMI training up through senior global program management training