Large Retailer e-Commerce Solution Project Recovery

This project was for a complete replacement for all business systems from web servers and e-commerce engine through logistics and inventory control and integration with roughly 100 external partners. It utilized ATG software for the e-commerce applications and Sterling for the fulfillment and logistics applications. It was the largest and most complex ATG implementation ever attempted. The program had over 300 full time personnel including both on-shore and off-shore teams.

The entire situation was chaotic:

  • Major scope gaps
  • No integrated schedule
  • Individual schedules assumed best case scenario
  • Individual schedules had significant missing work components
  • No governance models
  • Incoherent communications

Took over leadership of all internal client business and IT personnel as well as 4 major IT integrators.

  • Performed a gap analysis and proper requirements analysis
  • Staffed additional teams for the missing work
  • Developed integrated schedules
  • Defined and implemented governance models, including change control
  • Established status and dashboard reporting including schedule milestone reviews
  • Put the project under program management control
  • Defined and scheduled management of change program
  • Turned recovered project over to the largest integration contractor to manage till completion