PMO Leadership Development and Mentoring



Who needs a PMO Leadership Development and MentoringService



In today’s world project managers and members of Project Management Offices (PMO) face some of the broadest and most difficult challenges of any function to include:

  • Shortening cycle time to deliver projects
  • Increasing demand for finite number of critical resources
  • Integrating contractors and off-shore or near-shore services
  • Increasing expectations with decreasing budgets
  • Current projects:
    • Slipping schedules
    • Exceeding budgets
    • Missing expectations
  • Working across all boundaries; business, cultures, time zones
  • Obtaining consensus and collaboration
  • Obtaining sufficient numbers of qualified project managers
  • Changing work environment
  • Changing business priorities
  • Increasing need for executive visibility
  • Staying abreast of evolving information reporting requirements

This environment requires the ability to manage across organizations, time zones, cultures, functions often in a collaborative, consensus building fashion where direct management control is not available. Such capabilities are rarely available in sufficient numbers and need to be developed. This requires a very high level of development of what is typically referred to as the “soft skills” of management. One of the best ways to gain the required capabilities is through being mentored by truly world class advisors. Some examples of these are:

  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Management of Change
  • Communications
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiations

The purpose of the PMO Leadership Development and Mentoring Service is to provide such advisors and assist clients in developing these “soft skills” within the real business setting. This will be accomplished primarily through tailored workshops, intervention and mentoring. This is a discrete service as trusted advisors. These advisors can fill several
mentoring roles to the project management directors and project management
office staff to include:

  • Perform as an executive coach
  • Act as a sounding board for ideas and strategies
  • Give unbiased feedback and advise
  • Ask the hard questions in a safe environment
  • Demonstrate advanced techniques
  • Help to think outside the box
  • Provide workshops in real world situations
  • Facilitate communications
  • Assist with development plans
  • Illustrate alternatives to consider

Benefits (varies depending on need)

  • Development of high performance teams
  • Better conflict management
  • Ability to work collaboratively across boundaries
  • Ability to use active listening to come to common ground
  • Needs based development plans
  • Development of leaders
  • Leverage extensive experience across multiple projects and organizations
  • Improved creativity and strategies
  • Safe environment to explore alternatives

Who needs a PMO Leadership Development and Mentoring Service

The PMO Leadership Development and Mentoring Service is recommended for organizations that have multiple of the following criteria:

  • Geographically dispersed projects
  • Multinational teams
  • External partners delivering a substantial portions of projects
  • Delivering projects to external clients
  • Global Projects
  • Business critical solutions
  • Dynamically changing organizations or environments
  • Growing project portfolios
  • Need to grow project director staff
  • Projects experiencing delivery issues
  • Projects that have been in delivery for a long time