Red projects: Deja vue all over again?

Looking at troubled/red projects/programs, we’d like to pose the question: “Aren’t these all variations of the same project?” Is it deja vue all over again? After decades of looking at troubled/red projects, we see the same problems over and over again. They usually aren’t technical issues. They are people issues: governance, communication, scope, sponsorship…etc., project management fundamentals have slipped through their fingers. Not just one or two of the fundamentals but in numerous areas and it is the same areas again and again. So, with experience, you can go into a project that you know is in trouble and anticipate, with some degree of accuracy, what you are going to see. As a result, assessments and recovery plans are not that difficult. We have put together a short presentation on these issues that we are providing as a free download and would welcome your comments. We look forward to a lively discussion on this.

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