Software – Consulting Company Merger

The client was a fortune 100 company doing planning and execution for the merger of a $50M software and consulting company.

The general situation around the company being acquired was:

  • The client wanted to acquire the company’s technology and integrate it into their consulting operations
  • The company had roughly 200 employees
  • They had their own development and consulting methodologies
  • The client wanted to retain the company’s customers and revenue stream
  • The client wanted retain and fully integrate the company’s employees into the client’s staff
  • There would be no retention of the original identity of the company
  • There would need to be a new identity for customer/market recognition within client’s organization

Results from project recovery:

  • On day-one integration all the company’s employees had technology access into the client systems
  • All the company’s employees were trained in the client’s pursuit, engagement and reporting methodologies
  • Sales force alignment
  • All the company’s employees were fully transitioned as client’s human resource systems for pay, benefits, career development etc
  • Integrated governance structures and business plans